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Maternally Fit Exercise Classes

Maternally Fit conducts exercise classes for pregnant and post-natal women.
All classes are conducted by a Women’s Health Physiotherapist, with specialist training in exercise for pregnancy and the post-natal (after birth) period.
Our classes are appropriate for both the novice and experienced exerciser, and each class will be individually tailored to your fitness needs and abilities.
Exercise classes for pregnant and post-natal women in Weybridge, Shepperton and Walton on Thames Surrey
Maternally Fit - Fitness for pregnancy & beyond
Classes are one hour in duration and consist of both cardio-vascular fitness and strength training. Classes are based around the use of the exercise ball and hand weights.
Classes have a particular focus on core stability and pelvic floor training – the muscles you need to support your growing baby and your changing body.
"I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the wonderful Maternally Fit classes.
I was told by one of the midwives after my birth that I had amazingly strong pelvic floor muscles and I thought I should pass on that glowing feedback given your dedication to the pelvic floor cause! - Jane
Maternally Fit - Exercise classes for pregnant &  post-natal women in Weybridge, Shepperton and Walton on Thames Surrey
"I am really enjoying the classes so a big thank you to you and your team!
It is great to be doing exercise that is specifically designed for pregnancy and I find it really reassuring that the classes are led by physios who really know what they are doing" - Anna
Why Exercise During Pregnancy?
If you have a normal, low risk pregnancy, exercise plays a vital role, both for you and for your growing baby.
The benefits for you include
  Improved well-being and energy levels
  A stronger body, with better posture
  Reduced levels of back and pelvic pain
Improved pregnancy weight management
Reduced stress levels and better sleep
Better pelvic floor muscle function
  this means no problems with continence and improved sexual function
There are also benefits for birth and beyond
  Improved pain management during labour
  A faster recovery following delivery
  Lower risk of post-natal depression
Not to mention the benefits for your baby
Improved oxygen flow to the placenta
Improved neurological development
In 2002, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists stated that
" … in the absence of any complications, 30 minutes or more of low to moderate intensity exercise on most, if not all, days of the week is recommended for all pregnant women…"
Exercise classes for pregnant women and new mums  in Shepperton Middlesex & Walton on Thames & Weybridge Surrey
Who Takes Maternally Fit Classes?
Sarah Brimble is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, who has been specialising in ante- and post natal exercise for over two years.
Sarah has been a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists since 2008, and is an APPI qualified Pilates instructor, most recently specialising in Pilates in pregnancy.
Sarah has two little boys born in 2011 and 2013
The Nitty Gritty
Class Location 1: Shepperton
Class Times: 9:00am Saturday mornings
Class Location 2: Walton-on-Thames
New Walton venue being sought
Class Location 3: Weybridge
Class Time: 7:15pm Tuesday evenings
Your first class is absolutely FREE, so contact us today to claim your introductory offer.
To enable you to get the most out of our program, we expect members to attend at least one class per week. Classes are pre-booked and pre-paid.
To enable Maternally Fit to give you the highest level of care, we take detailed information about many aspects of your pregnancy, and continue to monitor you throughout your time with us.
Our ultimate goal is for you to have a happy, healthy pregnancy, physically preparing you for one of the greatest challenges of your life - motherhood.

Contact Maternally Fit
Sarah Brimble MCSP, HPC
Tel: 07788 650 802
please mention the all about Weybridge website
Email: info@maternallyfit.co.uk
Website: www.maternallyfit.co.uk
Classes also in Clapham, Chiswick, Islington, Parsons Green, Kingston upon Thames,
Blackheath, Richmond upon Thames, Teddington & Wimbledon South London.


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