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Yoga Weybridge & Chertsey Surrey 

Yoga classes, therapies & fitness training
in Weybridge & Chertsey Surrey
& the surrounding areas



Vern Yoga is for anyone and everyone
 who has an interest in their well-being
health and fitness

  There are many aspects to yoga, from the
obvious health benefits to its rich history and philosophy.

  Yoga Classes, Reiki & Counselling in Weybridge & Chertsey Surrey  There is so much to know and learn about yoga but so it’s often surrounded by mystery, myth or ridicule and often overlooked as a form of exercise that will get good results and keep you fit.

Whether you wish to know everything about this ancient system, or just to simply learn a wonderful form of exercise that stimulates the whole body inside and out, that strengthens, tones creates flexibility as well as relaxing the mind and body and boost energy.
  Yoga is great for complementing other sports, training and other therapies as well as being a complete program in its own right.      

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Phone or text Vernette on 07906 337 594 email: vernyoga@yahoo.co.uk
please mention all about Weybridge website

Massage Therapy

Vern yoga offers a strictly professional
fitness & therapy service. She does NOT
offer any type of 'adult' massage,
so please don't ask for this. Thank you.

Massage Therapy

Massage at Spring Laser Clinic Chertsey Surrey 
Thai Yoga Massage & Massage Therapy in Weybridge,
Addlestone & Chertsey Surrey & surrounding areas

Any Massage Therapy can be on its own or included as part of a Yoga Therapy course.
Available Tuesday afternoons and Fridays in Chertsey at the Spring Laser Clinic, Guildford Street.
All therapies include consultation and in some cases a referral from your GP may be advisable and is always wise to check with your GP if you have known medical issues whether any therapy, including massage is advisable.
Your first session may take longer than subsequent sessions as the therapist will ask questions you about your medical history and then recommends a course of treatment. Expect this session to last 60 - 90 minutes including health history consultation taken.
Massage Techniques Available:
Applied Yoga / Thai Yoga Massage
Full Body / Remedial / Therapeutic Massage
(using Ayurvedic, Shiatsu and Swedish techniques)
Head and Shoulders / Indian Head Massage
Remedial / Therapeutic Massage
Relaxation Massage
Please be aware (apart from Head massage where only the shoulders and arms need to be exposed and Assisted Yoga) that all other massages require the client to be fully or partially undressed during the treatment. Your therapist will provide you with a robe or blanket.
If you feel uncomfortable undressing, they may provide alternative techniques for your therapy. The therapist is sensitive to your needs so don't be afraid to discuss them.

Applied Yoga (Thai Yoga Massage)

This type of Massage is a more physical manipulation of the body that makes use of soft pressure applied by the hands with passive stretching. It is usually carried out on the floor on a mat & can best be described as energising & relaxing.

Applied Yoga (Thai Yoga Massage)

Applied Yoga - Thai massage 
Thai Yoga Massage in Weybridge,
Addlestone & Chertsey Surrey & surrounding areas

Applied Yoga is a powerful system of yoga therapy, combining rhythmic massage, acupressure & yoga stretches, whilst you lay back & meditate.
This is also called, Thai Massage. Thai Yoga, 'passive yoga' or ‘lazy yoga’ as it involves the therapist easing the client into yoga style stretching and aiming for a deeper stretch by applying gentle pressure with synchronised breathing.
Improving flexibility
Easing joint tension
Easing muscle tension & pain
Re-balancing the body’s energy flow
Correcting skeletal misalignments
The treatment lasts 90 minutes & is very relaxing, restoring energy & working your whole body. Yoga therapy is particularly good for your spine, hips & shoulders helping to keep them supple & mobile. Assisted Yoga and Yoga in general opens up joints, stretches muscles, releases tension & stimulates your vital organs, immune & circulatory systems.
For a more detailed coverage of this see Applied Yoga (Thai Yoga Massage)

Holistic Massage

Treatments are tailored to every client's specific need & physical characteristics. The key difference between a holistic massage and a standard massage is that a holistic massage is designed specifically for the individual and their ailment/ requirement.

Massage Therapies incl Holistic Massage

Massage Therapies at Weybridge & Addlestone 7 Chertsey Surrey 
Massage Therapies incl Holistic Massage in Weybridge,
Addlestone & Chertsey Surrey & surrounding areas

A standard massage is more often than not a fixed routine. Holistic massage evolved from the ancient massage therapies of Egyptian, Greek and Chinese civilisations as well as from the principles of self-development disciplines such as Yoga and Thai-Chi. However, the main methods and techniques used for holistic massage derive from Swedish massage developed by Per Henrik Ling (considered to be the father of western massage).
Holistic massage owes its development and popularity to the growing awareness of complementary therapies during the last few decades and draws on other therapeutic models.
The human body instantly responds to touch. Rubbing affected muscles and joints gives relief through the release of natural pain-killing chemicals (called endorphins). Touch can also give comfort by reducing emotional stress and mental strain.
Holistic massage treats the individual as a whole and aims to improve physical, mental and emotional well-being through touch. Holistic massage looks to correct imbalances in the body and mind that have built up over a period of time by understanding and treating the body's structure and function.
Your holistic massage will take place in a warm and relaxing environment. Your therapist will spend time during your first appointment questioning you about your medical history, general health, lifestyle and sleep patterns.
During your massage, the therapist will use their fingers, knuckles, hands and elbows to apply various massage techniques around the body. They may apply pressure and stroking movements (called 'effleurage') using their fingers and palms. As the session progresses, deeper pressure (called 'petrissage') may be applied to stretch out and separate muscle tissue and encourage better circulation of fluids in the body. The method used for deep tissue massage (called 'frictions') involves breaking down built up scar tissue and separation of muscle fibres. This can be uncomfortable but the therapist will not go beyond your comfort zone.
Following the holistic massage session, the therapist will discuss the treatment with you and any further sessions that you'll require. The therapist may also offer post massage care advice.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is an effective treatment of stress & stress-related conditions & can be used alongside other therapies. Indian head massage focus on the head, upper/ lower neck, shoulders & upper arms.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage Weybridge & Chertsey Surrey 
Massage Therapies incl Indian Head Massage in Weybridge & Chertsey Surrey & surrounding areas

An Indian Head Massage can help alleviate or cure the following conditions:
Ease eye strain
Help with insomnia
Promote blood & lymphatic circulation
Help boost the immune system
Reduce anxiety & stress
Restore joint movement
Help with Sinusitis
Ease migraines or headaches
Relaxes muscles especially in the face, neck & shoulders
History Of Indian Head Massage
Indian head massage has a history of over 1,000 years and is referred to in ancient Ayurvedic writings (Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient health care system native to the Indian subcontinent). Indian head massage, also known as 'champissage' was first used by Indian women to keep their long hair in good condition. 'Champi' is a Hindu word that translates as 'massage of the head'.
Indian head massage was introduced to the UK in 1973 by Narendra Mehta. Mehta arrived in the country to train as a physiotherapist and was disappointed to find that head massage wasn't available and the head was neglected in a full body massage. He returned to India to study the Indian head massage techniques and extended the therapy to also massage the face, neck, shoulders and upper arms. He combined his new method with Ayurvedic elements to create a holistic therapy that would benefit the whole body.
Indian head message relaxes tension in muscle tissue around the head, face, neck, shoulders and arms. By relaxing and stimulating these areas, blood flow increases and energy balance is restored within the charkas (energy centres in the body). This removes stress and anxiety and flushes toxins from the body. It can also improve skin tone, increase mobility in the upper body and enhance concentration.
There are two methods of Indian head massage: Traditional Ayurvedic and Western Style. Treatment can also utilise acupressure and shiatsu and incorporate essential oils.
Most Indian head massages take place seated, however can have it laying down if you wish but the back of the head wont be reached as easily, your practitioner will use a variety of movements across your head, face, neck, shoulders and arms. Some will involve compression and kneading techniques that will feel unusual but shouldn't hurt.
After your session you may feel invigorated or slightly dizzy, you may also feel the need to urinate. Indian head massage releases toxins in the body that need to be flushed out so drink plenty of water after your session.


Swedish Massage / Therapeutic Massage


  "I had a wonderful night's sleep, the best I have had in a long while. There are no aches and pains and my body feels less tense and tight....."  
"I feel as though my batteries are fully charged. I'm not feeling absolutely exhausted, as I had been all week.
The programme we did was obviously just what I needed, followed by the head massage."
"Well I have to say that today I can certainly feel the "benefits" of yesterday. I slept like a log but when I moved there was a reminder that I had exercised the night before. There is no pain anywhere, just an awareness of having exercised my muscles."
M. Vieyra (1-2-1 yoga and massage) "

Swedish Massage / therapeutic massage was developed in Sweden in the early 19th century, Swedish Massage is a system of therapeutic massage/ exercise for the muscles & joints.
It involves using the hands, forearms & elbows to massage & manipulate superficial muscle layers.
The overall benefits are increased blood circulation, mental/ physical relaxation & improved ranges of motion. It can help with recovery times for muscle & ligament damage whilst helping revitalise the skin and nervous system.
A Swedish massage can be described as invigorating and rejuvenating as the therapy helps increase the oxygen flow in the blood whilst moving & releasing toxins from the tissue & muscles.
The treatment is so beneficial on physical & emotional levels that are often used as part of a stress management programme.
The range of techniques employed during a Swedish Massage are:
The use of oils to help manipulation & relaxation
Passive & active movements which stretch & relax the superficial muscles using gliding strokes with the palms, thumbs, finger tips
The kneading & squeezing of deeper tissues & muscles using the thumbs & finger tips
Friction & compression - Rubbing & ‘holding’ the tissues to relax muscles & break down scar tissue using circular pressures from the palms of the hand, thumbs & finger tips
Rhythmical movements & tapping performed with the edge of the hand or heel of the palm to increase blood circulation
Vibration - Rhythmical movements that shake the body & release tension, boosting circulation
Phone or text Vernette on 07906 337 594 email: vernyoga@yahoo.co.uk
please mention all about Weybridge website

Prices For Private Yoga Tuition, Massage & Other Therapies

For 1-2-1 Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Assisted Yoga session, it is always advisable to have a consultation first to discuss your health history and lifestyle and to tailor a program to meet your individual needs and programs can be prepared for you to do to in your own time as well.

These session times below are available for all yoga, therapies, fitness training and counselling.

Private Yoga Tuition & Therapies - Times & Locations

  Spring Laser Clinic Chertsey Surrey  Available at Spring Laser Clinic in
Guildford Street, Chertsey
by appointment through me only.
& Friday 9-5pm 
  Available in your own home during the day if local
to Chertsey / Addlestone or evening area if within 10 miles, times for this are very limited.
Please enquire due to limited times.  


Private Yoga Tuition & Therapies - Prices  

  Yoga Therapy / Holistic Therapies / Fitness Duration Home   Chertsey
Therapy Room
  Consultation   Free   £10  
  Tailored Yoga Tuition 90 mins £35   £45  
  Yoga Therapy program 90 mins £35   £45  
  Assisted Yoga (Thai)
combined acupressure, massage & yoga style stretches
90 mins £35   £45  
  Pregnancy Yoga 90 mins £35    £45  
  Sports Yoga 90 mins £35   £45  
  Yoga for 2 people / couples 90 mins £50   £60  
  Corporate Yoga
(for small groups of 2 or more)
60 or 90 mins £50 at the workplace  
  Relaxation & Breath Therapy
(Sleep aid / meditation / anxiety control / calming)
60 mins £30   £30  
  Nutrition, diet program and support per 45 min review £15   £15  
  Yoga Facial Exercise Lessons 60 mins £30   £35  
  Full body massage / Remedial 60 mins £35   £40  
  Back and Shoulder Massage 60 mins  £30   £35  
  Reiki 60 mins £35   £35  
  30 mins Reiki + 30 mins massage 60 mins £35    £35  
  60 mins Reiki + 30mins massage 90 mins £45   £45  
  Course of 6 hourly Reiki sessions 6 x 60 mins £200   £200  
  Fitness Instruction
(weights, specific area training, core, stretching)
60 mins £35   £35  
  Discounted Sessions Available:
Block Of 10 Sessions
***10% discount ***  
  Face to face counselling  60 mins £30   £35  
  Telephone counselling 60 mins £20      
  Email advice per email £20      
  Live Chat advice via Yahoo Messenger 1hour session £25      

  Kids Yoga - Yoga Bears
To set up a yoga kids club or join, either privately or as an after school group or PE class, again please email me and we can arrange something as I currently do not have a kids / school group.


◊  Contact Vern Yoga

Vernette Butler

Personal Training in Chertsey by Weybridge Yoga Teacher
Yoga classes, therapies & fitness training
in Weybridge & Chertsey Surrey
& the surrounding areas

Yoga Weybridge & Chertsey Surrey
  Phone or text Vernette on 07906 337 594
  please mention all about Weybridge website
  email: vernyoga@yahoo.co.uk
   website: www.vernyoga.cd2.com

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