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Weybridge Tutoring

Top level English teaching on your doorstep
English tutoring from KS3 to A-level, in both English language and English literature, with outstanding results.
Why Use An English Tutor?
English tutoring, either one to one, two to one, or small groups of four is an invaluable addition to learning. It can transform grades.
English is a core subject and ability and skill in English will impact every other subject on the curriculum - even maths! Being good at English can be taught and that’s what we do really well.
It all starts with confidence. Being taught in a safe environment, where a student can make mistakes and not worry, with a tutor who is encouraging, we quickly nurture self assurance and develop skills.
  All of our students enjoy their tutoring time as it is individually planned for them, to work on the areas in English that they feel less adept at.
  In one hour of tutoring we can cover the same amount of work that would be done in two and sometimes three lessons at school, with students often surprised that they have been hard at work for fifty five minutes.
  Evidence of the impact on pupil learning in the Government ‘Making Good Progress’ pilot suggests that one-to-one tuition, when carefully planned, engages pupils in their learning in a way which is not always possible to achieve in the classroom.
  For some pupils, who are ‘stuck’ or ‘slow moving’, one-to-one tuition offers a highly personalised approach to the curriculum which can address their individual needs and gaps in their learning at a time when it is most needed.
About Weybridge Tutoring
Weybridge Tutoring is run by Maria Barrett, who is a qualified English teacher, writer and e-publisher. English Writing Courses by Maria Barrett - an OFSTED outstanding teacher who's a best selling novelist.
Maria works with three other tutors, all English specialists, and CRB checked, to provide English tutoring to a wide range of students.
I have been teaching for over twelve years and have taught on the BA and MA degree courses at Bath and Brunel University. I am a qualified teacher, (consistently graded OFSTED outstanding) and my last post was deputy head of English at Salesian School, Chertsey, rated one of the top three state schools in Surrey for English results.
I am a writer and I have published 10 bestselling novels which have sold worldwide and been translated into 13 different languages.
I am committed to raising literacy standards at secondary level and run a website – Wordebite.com - that delivers free reading for pleasure on line in daily bite size episodes to encourage reading in teens.
My results for tutoring have been excellent, with
100% A-A* for iGCSE English language
97% A-A* for GCSE English language & literature
  100% B-A* for A-level, both English language & literature
English Writing Courses by Wordebite in Woking Surrey - Kids & Adults Workshops by Professional Writers
Also available:
Creative Writing Courses For Kids & Adults
English Tutors - Weybridge Tutoring
English Tutoring Sessions
We offer English tutoring from year 7 KS3 up to A-level that focuses on the skills that students need for exams. We begin by outlining grade criteria and detailing what is needed to achieve the top grades; something that is especially important for A-level.
For English language we teach using a wide range of texts to develop a depth of understanding and to familiarise students with different language techniques.
We show students how to look at a text and break it down, identifying why it was written (purpose), who it was written for (audience) and how it was written (form). We identify language techniques and illustrate why those language techniques have been used – the foundation of analysis.
For English literature we focus on an in depth knowledge of the text, often taking students beyond GCSE to inspire a love for reading and for the subject.
For A-level we also study texts in depth, teach exam essay writing skills and offer a good range of critical essays to inform the student’s wider reading.
Scope Of English Tutoring & Prices
We teach English language iGCSE, GCSE and A-level, all exam boards.
We teach English literature, iGCSE, GCSE and A-level, all exam boards and because we are English specialists we are able to teach any set text.
We can offer:
One to one tutoring (£35 per hour)
Two to one tutoring (£25 per hour per student)
  Small group of four students to one tutor (£15 per hour per student)
Weybridge Tutoring Testimonials
“You’ll be very happy to hear that Alex got both As in English and is now doing English A level.
 I never thought that would happen… Thank you for helping her.”
Katherine, Surrey.
“You have a true gift of teaching.”
Emily, Surrey.
“Your teaching helped achieve things that I just didn’t expect. The results were amazing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.”
Fiona, Surrey.
Contact Weybridge Tutoring
Contact Weybridge Tutoring by phone or email
Tel: 0781 805 5521
Please mention all about Weybridge website
Email: contactus@wordebite.com
If you are interested in booking tutoring then please state your preferred day(s) and time(s)
Website: www.weybridgetutoring.com


all about Weybridge - useful information about Weybridge, Surrey & surrounding areas

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