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Elmbridge Recycle

Don't throw it away, give it away!
You might not want it, but someone just round the corner might.
We're here to help you give and get stuff for free - anything which could be reused.
All items must be legal and appropriate, and free.
No loans, swaps or sales please - just free gifts.
Please put the first part of your postcode, or your council ward, as your location.
Keep Usable Items In Use & Out Of Landfill
Freegle is a network of local groups where you can give stuff away when you want to get rid of it Ė but donít want to throw it away because it still has some useful life left in it.
 Or if thereís something youíd like, perhaps someone has just what you need that they donít want anymore.
Unwanted items are getting reused in their communities via our locally based volunteer run groups
We are a purely volunteer run movement which values and respects its members and volunteers, in the process continuing to keep usable items in use and out of landfill.
Itís a win-win situation for us all.
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Freegle User - "Mum is thrilled to bits"
My mum had a massive stroke a year ago, which left her totally paralysed on her right side and because of that and other medical complaints has now had to go into a care home.
Her 4 bedroomed house has to be sold to pay her care fees and after being married for around 30 years each, my sisters and I have no need for most of her bits and pieces and furniture.
My mum was so upset that all her things that had given her so much pleasure and the furniture she had struggled so hard to buy over many years, would all be wasted and taken to the tip or put in a skip. I promised her that nothing that could be used would be wasted.
We have spent the last few months rehoming them via Freegle. Iíve answered wanted posts and placed many many offers.
Slowly but surely it has almost all gone. The larger furniture was rehomed via another recycling website in the area where she lives, as to date there is no Freegle in her area.
Weíve very nearly cleared it all now and my Mum is thrilled to bits that all the things that gave her so much pleasure over the years, are now giving others pleasure and the furniture she struggled to buy, is being used by others who really needed it.
For us it has meant that not only is my mum happy, but we havenít had to pay for skips or removal lorries and the councils landfill site is no fuller for her misfortune.
My husband, myself and my Mum are all very grateful that Freegle and similar recycling websites exist.
Thankyou Freegle.
Join Elmbridge Recycle or Other Freegle Area
Everyone and any organisation are welcome to join for Free.
Links To The Local & National Websites 
Elmbridge Recycle 
Woking Freegle 
Guildford Recycle For Free 
Freegle Website 
Elmbridge Recycle is part of Freegle Direct
FREEly Given, Locally, Easily
Elmbridge Recycle is part of Freegle; for other groups, have a look here.
About Freegle
Freegle is a UK-wide umbrella organisation, formed in 2009 by experienced volunteers and members of the free reuse community.
The aims of Freegle are:
  Promoting the keeping of usable items out of landfill.
  Promoting and supporting local community groups working in the area of reuse.
  Empowering and supporting volunteers working for local Freegle groups.
Informing and educating the public about environmental matters related to the reuse and recycling of unwanted usable goods.
Promoting sustainable waste management practices.
Each Freegle local group is run independently and has affiliated to Freegle UK.
The local volunteers who run each group are the official members of Freegle UK. Freegle UK provides central services to these volunteers and their groups.

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Elmbridge Recycling - Happy child with train set
Elmbridge Recycling - Happy child with train set given to him
Typical Monthly Re-Use: Waste Avoided
Typical monthly re-use - waste avoided
Garden 248 tonnes
Furniture 166 tonnes
Domestic Appliances 116 tonnes
DIY 79 tonnes
Leisure & Entertainment 72 tonnes
Children & Baby 45 tonnes
Miscellaneous 63 tonnes
Household 54 tonnes
Recycling in Weybridge & Elmbridge to save useful goods being thrown away into landfill

How To Freegle on Elmbridge Recycle

Everyone and any organisation are welcome to join.
Itís free to sign up, then post a message with an OFFER of something you want to get rid of, or a WANTED message for something you need.
Elmbridge Recycling - Washing Machine
How to give your washing machine another cycle!
For example:
1 You have a washing machine youíre thinking of dumping.
2  You join your local Freegle group
3  You post an OFFER message to the list, seen by everyone who looks on the site or receives messages (members get to choose whether to receive messages or just view online).
4 Interested members of your group will reply to you privately. You choose who you would like to give it to.
5 Between you, you arrange for them to come and pick up the washing machine.
6 It gets collected.
7 Youíve given away your washing machine with little effort, and you also got to meet someone new from your neighbourhood in the process.
8 Someone local to you who needed your unwanted machine can now use it, fix it, use parts for spares or upcycle it to something else.
9 It didnít go into landfill or incinerator. Great for both you and our planet. Everyone wins!
If you need an item you can request one  by adding it to the list in the same way and if someone has what youíd like they will contact you to offer it. 
All offers and requests must be freegle (free and legal). 
Our aim is to keep anything usable in use for as long as possible.  
Meeting new people helps to develop local community networks and friendships in the process. 
The local group moderators will be happy to help you if you need advice about anything.
Join us now and enjoy freegling with your Freegle community!
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National Recycing Award  Climate Week Award 
Elmbridge Towns & Villages include Weybridge, Walton on Thames, Hersham, Esher, Oxshott, Claygate, Cobham,
East Molesey, Hinchley Wood, Thames Ditton, West Molesey. Oatlands Village forms part of Weybridge


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