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Maple Leaf Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic Queens Road Weybridge Surrey

Maple Leaf Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic

We offer Integrated Wellness Care -
which means we use a Team to provide chiropractic, a range of massage techniques and specific exercises to make sure that people not only get well, but stay well.

Weybridge’s Most Established Chiropractic Centre

If you are in pain, feeling stiff or have achy or sore joints and muscles, then you have reached the right place.
Maple Leaf Chiropractic & Wellness have been helping people of all ages out of pain, improving their function and moving them toward a wellness lifestyle with improved performance, for more than 12 years.
If you are looking for a drug free, non-surgical approach to help you heal and get well. Then this could well be the practice for you.
Dr Timothy Wood, is the owner and the practice principal, at Maple Leaf. He is a chiropractor and wellness physiologist with more than 15 years experience in helping people reach their health goals.
With his respected background in education, science and research and wealth of practice experience he, together with his team of practitioners and assistants, is able to provide an Integrated Wellness Care model that seeks not to mask the symptoms, but get to the underlying issue so that your body can heal and you can be truly well.
Chiropractor's Treatment Room at Maple Leaf Wellness Clinic Weybridge Surrey
The Chiropractic room
"I’ve been attending Maple Leaf Chiropractor’s since May 2013 as an emergency appointment in which I was suffering chronic back pain and as a result having to take time off work.
I’d never been to a chiropractor before, but in finding it’s my local clinic and in such pain I wanted to get it looked at straight away, I booked up with Maple Leaf.
Through the great treatment from both Tim and Emma, they’ve helped get me through the stages of pain relief, correction and now awareness of best practice to help prevent further incidents. It’s still an on-going treatment, but my back has massively improved!
Maple Leaf is warm and welcoming, with all the team so friendly to help you feel comfortable. Working in central London it also has great opening hours for commuters to book sessions after work.”
Nicola B (Oct 2013)
Chiropractic Clinic in Weybridge Surrey - Chiropractic Assistant in Reception
A welcome from Annette, one of our Chiropractic Assistants

Why Choose Our Clinic?

Established in Weybridge for more than 13 years.
  Easy access and parking.
We have daytime and evening hours.
We have friendly staff and a welcoming, positive vibe.
We take the time to listen to your story.
We take into consideration your individual, unique set of symptoms and responses to your physical, mental, emotional and chemical stressors.
We’ll perform a comprehensive examination.
We prepare a report for you outlining what is wrong, whether we can help you and what measures you need to take, to restore your health.
Our Integrated approach means you have access to all the expertise that our Team of Practitioners has to offer.
“The clinic is extremely well run and the staff are friendly and professional.
 Tim has helped me to improve from a situation in which I was more often in pain than not (and miserable with it!), to a pain free life in which I can even play tennis , go to the gym etc.
As a result, I feel much happier and healthier!”
Not Just Chiropractors
The team at the Wellness Clinic also provides the following health services:
Sports Therapy (Massage & Rehab)
Not just treating sports injuries, but helping you avoid them and how to get you back on track – fast!
CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) & Health Psychologist
Works with people suffering from a variety of life stresses and mental health difficulties
Our Approach
Most people come to us to help them get out of pain, and most often we can help them.
But we also know that aches and pains are the body’s warning signals. A way of saying,
“Hey, something is wrong!”
Just like the warning light on the dashboard of your car, sure you can get it “turned off” with pain medication but it doesn’t solve the underlying problem that caused “the light to go on.”
  We’re not just symptom based, we try to find out the root cause of the problem and not just manage the symptoms.
Ignoring your body’s warning signals can lead to serious health problems.
Our aim is to restore and stimulate your body’s own healing power and potential by removing interference to your build-in healing system
Healing is a Process not an Event
By attending to your whole system: the physical, mental, emotional & chemical aspects we aim to positively influence your physiology and function.
  Interferences to your healing can come from different mechanisms.
They could be mechanical like a joint not moving properly, neurological when a nerve is being irritated or chemical where a pro-inflammatory diet is hampering your recovery.
By removing these interference or changing the environment we aim to promote your own “built in” healing ability.
With help from our team of practitioners we can help you move out of pain, improve your function and on toward optimal performance, vitality and true wellness.
“I always feel very welcome here! And always a very helpful staff. They are professional, caring, kind and very positive.
You can’t get better care anywhere else!”
Mrs S
“I feel well looked after and I am progressing towards being pain free. Dr. Wood is professional, friendly and extremely helpful with his explanations. ”
The receptionist is second to none!!
Dr Timothy G. Wood - Chiropractor, Weybridge Surrey - near Hersham & Walton on Thames
Dr Timothy G. Wood - Chiropractor

Contact Maple Leaf Chiropractic
& Wellness Clinic
28C Queens Road,
Surrey KT13 9UT
Phone: 01932 820 400
please mention all about Weybridge website  
Email: timmogwood@yahoo.com
Website: www.weybridgechiro.co.uk
Facebook: MapleLeafChiroWellness
Twitter: @TimWoodChiro

Opening Hours
Our phone lines are open during office hours Monday – Friday.
We see clients at the following times:
Mon, Wed & Thurs: 15h00 – 19h00
Mornings & Afternoons:
Tues 10h00 – 15h00; Fri: 12h00 – 15h00
We also are open on alternate Saturdays: 10h00 – 13h00
Sports Therapist:
Afternoons Mon and Wed: 14h00 – 20h00 and alternate Saturdays: 10h00 – 14h00
Monday evenings: 16h00 – 19h00
Maple Leaf Chiropractic & Wellness Centre - Photo of Clinic in Queens Road Weybridge Elmbridge
Photo of Clinic in Queens Road Weybridge, located opposite Red Bar & Restaurant.
 “I came to Maple Leaf Chiropractic Clinic following nearly 6 months of Physiotherapy which, although helping to improve my symptoms to a certain extent, seemed unable to get to the root cause of my back pain. I admit to having been a little apprehensive about Chiropractic treatments on my initial visit to the clinic having heard rumours that they could be uncomfortable and even painful; neither of which I found to be true during my own corrections.
I was given a thorough examination, diagnosis and corrective treatment plan, all of which were explained really clearly by Dr. Wood who approached each session with an infectious enthusiasm that made me feel really positive towards the treatments. I believe that having faith in your practitioner is a big part of healing and Dr. Wood has a natural ability to encourage patients to feel better both psychologically and physically, I would highly recommend him.
Coming to the clinic each week has also been a pleasure, there is always a welcoming reception from Tamara the receptionist who is a real blast!”


all about Weybridge - useful information about Weybridge, Surrey & surrounding areas

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