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[R] - Radiator Covers - Custom Cabinets & Fitting Service


Kingston Radiator Cabinets

  Radiator Cabinets & Covers by Kingston Cabinets - New England Classic
Kingston Cabinets are specialist manufacturers of bespoke, hand crafted radiator covers. We offer a beautiful collection of home radiator cabinets and radiator cover grilles, designed to add style ...  Kigston Cabinets - Hand Crafted Radiator Covers Weybridge & Surrey  

Location Of Kingston Cabinets:  
Based in London & Handforth, we are experienced at delivering a quality reliable service to all areas of Surrey and London, including Weybridge, Cobham & Chertsey.  
More Info: Kingston Cabinets  

R. James Bespoke Furniture

Richard James design and make and install fitted interior storage furniture.
Wardrobes, Alcove Units, Dressers, Display Cabinets, Bookcases, Kitchens, Office, Radiator Cabinets, Utility storage, Childrens
Richard James Bespoke Fitted Furniture

Areas Covered:
Our carpenter's workshop is based in Elmbridge at  Hersham we and carry out work within the local surrounding areas as well as West London and Central London.
More Info: Richard James Bespoke Furniture

[R] - Recruitment / Jobs


LB Career Coaching

Tired of your current career path? Looking for a career change? Need a new challenge? Career transition coaching gives you the confidence and the skills to make your career change, large or small, Career Coaching - Are you ready to change career?
without risking your financial security, your friends and family, or your peace of mind.

More Info: LB Career Coaching
LB Coaching Career Change Weybridge Surrey
Weybridge Jobs


Domestic Staffing Agency

HomeOrganisers have provided a bespoke Domestic staffing Placement Service for families in the Surrey area for over 40 years.
We appeal to discerning families who require a personal and experienced service tailored to their unique needs.
We specialise in the very highest calibre of domestic staff on a full time, part time. permanent or a temporary basis.
Domestic Services Agency For Weybridge, Chertsey, Byfleet, Woking & Shepperton

Home Organisers Domestic Staff including Housekeepers, Nannies, Babysitting & dog walking. Agency for Domestic Services

Areas Covered by Domestic Staffing Agency:
Weybridge, Walton, Cobham, Oxshott, Claygate, Thames Ditton, Esher, Staines, Egham, East Molesey, West Molesey, Shepperton, Sunbury on Thames, Epsom, Byfleet & Woking.  Others - please ask.
Info: Home Organisers Domestic Help Agency

Nanny & Childcare Agency

Solutions for your child care needs including, Nannies, Mother's Help, Housekeeper, etc. Home Organisers is a platinum registered agency with the Association of Nanny Agencies.

Jobs / Employment:
Placements can be for Full-Time and Part Time Jobs, both Permanent and Temporary Employment. We offer a no quibble replacement guarantee on all our bespoke placements. There are NO client or candidate registration fees.
Info: Home Organisers Childcare Agency
Jobs: Roles We Recruit For Include:
Nanny, Weekend Nanny or Housekeeper, Housekeeper, Personal Assistant, Nanny/Housekeeper, Junior Nanny, Housekeeper/Nanny, Night Nanny, Mothers Help, Manny (Male Nanny), Companion, Gardener, Domestic Couple, Chauffeur/Driver, Household/PA, Handy Man/Carpenter, House Manager Full and Part-time, Companion/Housekeeper, Live in / Live out (Daily), Companion/Personal Care Aide, Private Chef, Family Cook, Governess.


Job Centre Plus

Weybridge Job Centre Plus - Department of Work & Pensions
Department for Work and Pensions providing Advice and Advocacy relating to Jobs & Benefits.
Office covers Weybridge, Walton-on-Thames, Addlestone, Chertsey, Hersham, Byfleet, Ottershaw, Esher, Cobham, Oxshott, Molesey, Hinchley Wood and Claygate. 
More Info: Weybridge Job Centre Plus

Work Experience Online

WEXO (Work Experience Online) is a matchmaking service for paid internships and jobs.
 They have hundreds of companies on board and recently:
  Placed 65 paid interns at the Olympics.
  Helped one of the UK’s leading film directors find a House Assistant.
  Ran an end-to-end How I Made It In… recruitment event that found 7 graduates for Rightster, a fast growing internet start-up.
Our combination of award-winning technology & expert recruitment team ensures that companies are connected to suitable candidates.
WEXO is fair. WEXO democratises access to inspiring opportunities and believes interns should be paid.
What’s more WEXO is committed to providing feedback for EVERY candidate.
WEXO is flexible. WEXO lets companies tailor their recruitment process.
WEXO is fast.
Wave goodbye to sifting through CVs.
WEXO matches candidates and organizes applications, making it easy to find people with the right character for a dedicated and happy workforce.
More Info: WEXO (Work Experience Online)


Employment Law

  Guillaumes LLP Solicitors
We are experienced and conscientious professionals. With the benefit of our experience, we provide each client with an individual service, tailored to their specific needs.  Guillaumes LLP Solicitors Weybridge & Esher Surrey  
We give legal advice and answer questions in plain English, progress matters efficiently, and provide accurate estimates of legal fees, wherever possible.  

Location Of Guillaumes LLP:  
Guillaumes LLP, Solicitors have offices in both Weybridge & Esher Surrey.  
More Info: Guillaumes LLP Solicitors  

Meadows Ryan Solicitors

Meadows Ryan Solicitors Ltd offer a wide range of specialised legal services and pragmatic advice to businesses and private individuals locally, nationally and internationally. Residential and Commercial Property Legal Services from Meadows Ryan Solicitors of Weybridge Elmbridge

Location of Meadows Ryan Solicitors:
56 Church Street
KT13 8DP
More Info: Meadows Ryan Solicitors


The Good Care Group

Award Winning Live-in Care Services & Jobs.
The live in carers who work for us are exceptional. That's why we continue to be recognised and awarded for the work we do.
Elderly Live-in Care Services & Jobs, Weybridge & Hersham Surrey 

Are you interested in working for the UK's best provider as a live in carer?
We provide the industry's best training and support for the carers who work for us.
Info: Live In Care Services & Jobs
Specialists in caring for people with dementia, Parkinson’s, MS, Stroke rehabilitation and providing end of life care 


Tiny Toddlers, Job Opportunities

Tiny Toddlers are always looking for qualified or experienced nannies for local families. These can be permanent, temporary, full time and part time. We can also add your details to our babysitting register... Nannies & Child Care for Kids & Babies in Weybridge Surrey by Tiny Toddlers Childcare

Location of Tiny Toddlers Childcare:
We cover Weybridge and most areas of Surrey.
Also Middlesex, Hampshire and Berkshire.
More Info: Tiny Toddlers Childcare


An alternative to paid employment is volunteering.
Not only will you have the satisfaction and achievement of making a difference, volunteering can also provide you with many benefits including:
  the opportunity to make new friends and contacts
●  the chance to have fun doing something you've never tried before
  increased confidence
a greater sense of well-being
 increased job and career prospects and new skills
Check out the volunteer opportunities below

Brigitte Trust Volunteers

Cancer support in Surrey with practical help for families facing cancer, Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and other life-threatening illness
Brigitte Trust volunteers have provided emotional
Cancer support in Surrey with practical help for families facing cancer, Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and other life-threatening illness
support and practical help to clients with life-threatening illness, their carers and families for over 30 years. The service, normally for three hours per week, is flexible according to the needs of the client.
The service may be accessed during and after a course of treatment or surgery, where the health or wellbeing of the client or carer ...
More Info: Brigitte Trust


Voluntary Action Elmbridge

VAE is a local support and development organisation which incorporates the Volunteer Centre (VC). Based in the heart of Esher, across from the Civic Centre, VAE supports all Voluntary, Community... VAE - Volunteering Action Elmbridge

Location Of Voluntary Action Elmbridge:
Volunteer Centre Elmbridge
Residents House, Community Walk
KT10 9RA
More Info: Voluntary Action Elmbridge

Aspire Project

ASPIRE Project - Supported Volunteering
We can provide support with attending interviews, helping with journey planning and accompany clients onsite
More Info: Volunteer Centre Elmbridge

Volunteer Centre Elmbridge

Volunteering opportunities in your local community - would you like to help make a difference?
Volunteering is something that everyone can do. Whatever your interests, wherever you live...
Volunteer Centre Elmbridge at Esher and walton Library Surrey

Location of Volunteer Centre Elmbridge:
Volunteer Centre Elmbridge
Residents House, Community Walk
KT10 9RA
More Info: Volunteer Centre Elmbridge

[R] - Recycling


Elmbridge Borough Council

Elmbridge Environmental Care
Elmbridge BC Reduce, Reuse & Recycle ideas
Elmbridge BC Recycling & Waste
Clothes + Collection Service - in partnership with the British Heart Foundation

Elmbridge Recycle

Don't throw it away, give it away! You might not want it, but someone just round the corner might. We're here to help you give and get stuff for free - anything which could be reused. Everyone and any organisation are welcome to join for free. Elmbridge Recycle
More Info: Elmbridge Recycle
Recycling waste - facilities in Weybridge at Churchfield Car Park
Recycling - Churchfield Car Park
Surrey Re-Use Network
The Surrey Reuse Network aims to find new homes for unwanted furniture and kitchen appliances, and offers a wide range of good quality items at affordable prices.
 The network is made up of local charities who all aim to support local communities, families in need; as well as offering training and employment opportunities.
More Info: Surrey Re-Use Network
Clothes Recycling in Elmbridge
Before putting clothes & shoes into waste recycling give usable items away on Freegle or to Charity Shops

[R] - Reflexology


Alison Fuller Reflexology

  Reflexology Weybridge Surrey - Gentle pressure is applied to the reflexes on the feet
Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary therapy, based on the theory that different points on the feet (reflexes) correspond with organs and systems of the body.  
It is holistic and aims to work alongside allopathic healthcare to promote better health.  
More Info: Alison Fuller Reflexology  

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More Info: Advertising on all about Weybridge

[R] - Reiki


Elizabeth Holistics - Reiki

Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Massage Therapy & Reiki
Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old holistic system of medicine that promotes a healthy life & longevity, treats any illness and ...

Location of EH (was Serene Ayurveda):
Weybridge Natural Therapies Clinic
30 Monument Green,
KT13 8QW
More: Elizabeth Holistics Massage & Therapies
Reiki - Weybridge Natural Health Clinic Elmbridge Surrey 


Yoga Reiki & Other Therapies

Yoga Therapy and Yoga can assist the healing of a wide range of conditions including: Digestive System, Heart & Circulation, Hormonal System, Mind & Emotions, Muscles, Bones & Joints ... Weybridge Addlestone & Chertsey Yoga & Counselling

Location of Vern Yoga Classes & Training:
Yoga classes in Weybridge, at Top Golf Gym in Addlestone & Curves ladies only Gym in Chertsey. Private therapy room in Chertsey where I do 1-2-1 yoga & exercise ...
More Info: Vern Yoga

Homeopathy & Reiki

Homeopathy is a gentle system of medicine that uses the body's natural processes to heal itself. I trained for 4 years at the LSCH. Indigo Essences are proving invaluable to deal with the ever ... Homeopath & Reiki -  Weybridge & Cobham - prev @ Newphoria holistic therapy centre Walton-on-Thames & Good Health Centre Esher

Location of Claire Brockwell Homeopathy:
I'm a professional Homeopath,
practicing at Weybridge Natural
Therapies (30 Monument Green)
More Info: Claire Brockwell Homeopathy
 Professional Homeopath practice at Weybridge Natural Therapies Monument Green

[R] - Relationships


Life Coaching - The Real Way

Helping with stress & family issues, so you can create an enjoyable today and a desirable tomorrow. Includes Practical and Therapeutic Coaching and Business Coaching. If you’re done with  ... Life Coaching, The Real Way - Weybridge & Elmbridge Surrey -  Practical and Therapeutic Coaching

Location of The Real Way Life Coaching:
The Performance Business,
78 Oatlands Drive,
KT13 9HT
More Info: The Real Way Life Coaching

Need To Talk?

Confidential Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. Is there something on your mind? Are you dealing with a difficult set of circumstances? Sometimes we all need to talk and ... Counselling, Psychotherpy & Hypnotherapy - Hersham & Weybridge Surrey

Location of David Tellett Practice:
The Healing Centre
Vaux Crescent
KT12 4HE
More Info: David Tellett Counselling

Vern Yoga & Counselling

I have been counselling for 5 years via voluntary, charity and private. I’ve also counselled for separation and relationship problems and eating disorders. Counselling or therapy is absolutely ... Weybridge Addlestone & Chertsey Yoga & Counselling

Location of Vern Yoga & Counselling Classes:
Library Hall in centre of Weybridge, The Gym at Top Golf Addlestone and Curves Womens Gym Chertsey.
Training and therapties are also available in your own home if local ...
More Info: Vern Yoga & Counselling

[R] - Removals / Storage


Summer Offer

Best Price Offer at The Storage Pod Brooklands Weybridge Surrey. Hundreds of storage options from just 75p per day. First two months storage Half Price (terms & conditions apply) Self Storage at Brooklands Weybridge Surrey near Byfleet

Your Storage Is In Safe Hands At The Storage Pod Brooklands 
Whether you are moving home, about to start a renovation project or just looking for an extra bit of space to store your belongings – what remains important is that your items are stored in a safe and accessible place that offers great value. More info - Summer Offer
Self Storage – Summer 2017 Offer – Best Price Promise At The Storage Pod, Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey 
Storage Pod OffersSave money on Self Storage FacilitiesOffer - Self Storage Brooklands Weybridge SurreyCardboard Boxes Packaging Offer

The Storage Pod

Secure, fully alarmed self-storage rooms for both personal & business storage. Our competitively priced storage units range from 10 to10,000 square feet. Simply choose the size of your Pod & the ... Self Storage at Brooklands Weybridge Surrey near Byfleet

Location of The Storage Pod:
Unit 28 Trade City
Avro Way
Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey
KT13 0YF (for SAT NAV use KT13 0XQ)
More: The Storage Pod

Big Yellow Self-Storage

Moving home made easy. Well, easier! Sold your home and the moving dates haven’t quite matched up? Or are you de-cluttering to show your home in the best possible light to potential buyers? Big Yellow Storage Byfleet / Brooklands Weybridge Surrey

Location of Big Yellow Self-Storage:
113-115 Oyster Lane
near Weybridge, Surrey
More: Big Yellow Self-Storage

Bishops Move - Removals

Wherever you're planning on moving to, we're the removal company for the job. With over 150 years moving experience, our specialist consultants will find the right services to make your home move ... House & Business Removals, Storage & Distribution Solutions for Weybridge Surrey & surrounding areas by Bishops Move

Location of Bishops Move Removals:
Weybridge & surrounding areas serviced by Guildford Branch at
Unit 3A, Henley Business Park, Pirbright Road Near Normandy, Guildford, Surrey
More: Bishops Move Removals

[R] - Restaurants / Pubs

Weybridge Catering - Buffets & SandwichesDining at Meejana Restuarant Weybridge SurreyCocktails at Red Bar Weybridge SurreyRestaurant of Prince of Wales Pub Oatlands between Walton on Thames & WeybridgeFood served at Red Restaurant & Bar Weybridge Surrey 
See the listings & pages on the Pubs & Restaurants section

[R] - Robots - Fun Educational Courses


School Holidays: Fun Educational Computer Camps For Kids

Lego Robots Computer Courses - School Holiday Activities at St Georges College Weybridge
Learn to Program using Lego Mindstorms Robots
Half Term & Summer Holiday Camps held by MissionTech at excellent local venue:
St George's College, Addlestone, Weybridge and other Surrey Schools & Colleges.
Educational as well as fun!
Exciting challenges for children
● 3D maze navigation
● Obstacle courses
● Robot football!
● Pattern drawing
● Ages 9-12
● Care available
● No prior knowledge required
2, 4 and 5 day courses in Weybridge, Guildford, Staines Upon Thames & Farnham Surrey
More Info: Lego Robots Fun Holiday Courses

[R] - Rowing Club


Weybridge Ladies Rowing Club

WLARC is a unique club on a beautiful stretch of the Thames and is the pioneer in promoting women's rowing.
We are committed to offering a diverse and all-encompassing experience.
A rowing club run by women for women
Weybridge Ladies are inclusive of all girls (+13) and women of all ages and abilities
We are a welcoming, friendly and fun club to be part of
WLARC offers an outstanding and comprehensive membership package (it's great value for money)
Info: Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club
Weybridge Ladies Rowing Club, Walton Lane - inclusive of all girls (+13) and women of all ages and abilities

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