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Like him or loath him, Jamie Oliver has brought the issue of poor nutrition of millions of kids to our attention with his Channel 4 TV series 'Jamie's School Dinners'.

What are dinners like at your children's school? They may be a lot better than featured on the program, but you may wish to support the campaign for the millions who aren't so lucky?

Tens of thousands are signing up to the 'Feed Me Better' campaign and here's what they're saying

It's clear that the benefits of improved school dinners are massive, both social and financial; - healthier children, better behaviour and improved concentration in class.

How can we justify not doing this?

It would be irresponsible to have generations of unhealthy people, costing the health service millions and millions or more likely billions and billions.

Sign up To the Feed Me Better Campaign
This is a very important campaign for the future health of the nation. We must do all we can to ensure we do not overload the national health system treating illnesses caused by bad diet.
Teachers and parents shouldn't have to put up with hyperactive kids due to junk food full of e-numbers.
Vast numbers of children are going years without eating any significant fruit and vegetables and don’t even recognise what they look like.

Soon these teenagers will be parents bringing up their own children and the situation will deteriorate.

Jamie’s School Dinners shows that it is necessary to ban the junk food, since if it is an option, the kids will carry on choosing the junk. But by making good food compulsory, the initial objections are soon overcome and everyone – kids and teachers are happier.

Act now or stick your heads in the sand!

Make it happen, please
Sign up To the Feed Me Better Campaign
Bad behaviour at school from junk food damages the education of those who want to learn due to the mucking about of the hyperactive kids. Teachers become demoralised and truancy and petty crime can all stem from poor behaviour in class.
Jamie you are doing an amazing job! Keep persisting please for the sake of the children's health.

I eat very healthily and this is due to my own want to remain healthy. Kids need to be reassured that by eating fresh ingredients they are not a 'geek'! I am referred to as a freak at University because I don't eat take away junk food or chips because I don't enjoy eating them but I'm old enough and wise enough to ignore these petty comments. Kids food ideas need to change!

A drastic change in the way we feed our children is long overdue. It is the parents who need educating in this.
I completely back this campaign. Until watching the recent television programme I was unaware of the very low standard of school meals. .
I cannot believe that the Government cannot see the benefits to both education and health for the young people in taking this small step.

Surely a relatively small investment in healthy food now will offset the huge investment in future health service requirements if we do not change the eating habits of our children.

Ban ALL junk food from schools immediately!!!

Go Jamie! Go!
Sign up To the Feed Me Better Campaign
Thanks for taking up what seemed like a lost cause. If interest keeps growing, things might just change throughout the country. You've got our family's respect and admiration for doing this.

We will be trying to do our part to keep up the momentum.

Healthy food for children should be an urgent priority - I do not want my children to have health problems later in life because of the poor school dinners they have had to eat at school
Looking back on what I had to eat as school dinners - I'm all for better grub at schools!!!!
the Govt does not give a toss, will spend billions on a war no one wants but wont buy decent food for our children/future. short sighted!
This is our wake-up call. We need to take action now.
Sign up To the Feed Me Better Campaign
I'm so glad that someone has decided to think forward and look after the children of the future!
Go for it Jamie! The school dinner provision is an absolute disgrace and we should be as ashamed of it as we are proud of having a free national health system.
We should make it as easy as possible for all children to have healthy options to enhance their chances of growing up healthy.
My daughter starts school in September and I really don't want her eating junk food at school. Let's sort this issue out NOW.
Children should be given the best chances in life. Nutritious food not only sets them up for the school day but for the rest of their lives!
Well done Jamie
Thank you for what you have done for talking to us about the Junk food thanks again Stuart
Sign up To the Feed Me Better Campaign
Keep the good work going. This programme has definitely made us mums demand turkey twislers be taken off our school menus. Grazia Carraro from Cheam, Surrey. What more can us mums do?
I don't have kids yet, but when I do I hope they will be eating healthy school dinners and not processed rubbish. Thanks Jamie!
go jamie, go !!!
It is absolutely essential that we do something about the way that we feed our children. Junk Food should be banned within the school dinner menu.

Merely giving a healthy alternative is not enough, as children will always choose the junk food option.

Healthier school dinners will not only improve their healthy, but also their ability to concentrate on their studies and interact with their peers.

All our kids deserve healthy food. Parents and schools need to stop pacifying kids with junk food and teach kids the benefits of eating well - improved concentration, better health, increased energy = happier, better educated, more creative, less overweight kids = a happier, more efficient country :)
Sign up To the Feed Me Better Campaign
5 a day - Eat plenty of Fresh Fruit & Veg for a Healthier Life

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