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Friends of Barbara, Rosemary & Bob Instrall
Do you know Terry Poecock, David Butler, David Maguire, Michael Maguire, Carol Young or families?

We have been contacted by Bob Instrall, aged 58 who has moved to Devon and is now trying to get in touch with friends of him and his sisters Barbara Instrall and Rosemary Instrall.

`Could you please help me find any of my friends from the fifties. I lived in Weybridge from 1952 -1958. I lived at 19 Mayfield Road off March Road. I was friends with Michael Maguire, David Butler and one or two others. I attended St James Infant and Secondary Schools. My father was Charles Reginald install (deceased).

I am now 58. Sadly any photos of myself were destroyed in a fire after we moved to Devon. One of my other friends was a lad called Terry Poecock. Also David Maguire brother of Michael Maguire. It is a long time since I moved from Weybridge and my memory is a bit slow. I have a sister called Barbara and one called Rosemary. My sister Barbara was friends with a girl possibly called Carol Young who lived near the river on a council estate.

If anyone from Weybridge who knows me and still lives lives in that area they can contact me on my email 

Please pass on the message if you know anyone else who might be able to help.


2nd World War Veteran seeks POW Friend
Do you know Maurice Butler or his wife Kay or family?

We have been contacted by Ken Morris, an 86 year-old 2nd World War Veteran who met Maurice Butler in 1940. They were wounded in action and met as Prisoners of War in Germany, where they were held captive  for 5 years. They became good friends but have lost touch.

Ken has sent a photo which is displayed below, along with his letter.
If you can help, please send us an email. Please pass on the message if you know anyone else who might be able to help.

Maurice Butler is 2nd from left. Ken Morris is far right.

Can you help find Maurice Butler or his wife Kay or family?

Hello Friends.

I am 86, and am trying to trace an old friend who was a POW with me in 1940 in Germany.
I think he was in Weybridge in the 50/60s His name Maurice Butler, probably ran a small shop selling papers and tobacco. His wife's name Kay. They had two sons.

I have attached a photo which I have tried to enhance a
bit as it was a bit tatty. The photo was taken in a POW work camp E152 in Upper Silesia, now Poland. We were working in a stone quarry.

Second from the left, is Maurice Butler. Fourth from the left myself. It was at this camp we met.

Prior to that, each of us had been wounded and taken to Gent at a Belgian military hospital under German guard. We never met, and went separate ways until we reached the work camp. I was wounded on the 27th May 40, and eventually landed up at Stalag V111B Lamsdorf, from there to the work camp in approx Sept 1941. I arrived home 27th May 1945

We met again, and became firm friends. I was god father to one of his sons. Maurice was my witness at my marriage at Gent Belgium in 1950. As I stayed in the army and moved about we lost touch.

I retired in 1960, and now live in South Yorkshire and do not move about much.

I never visited him in Weybridge, but the name Addlestone comes to mind. I think that one of his sons was named Lawrence Butler.

I am sorry I cannot remember any address or be of any more help.

Thanks again for replying

Kind regards
Ken Morris, 86 year old WW2 veteran who is trying to find POW friend Maurice Butler, last known to be living in Weybridge or Addlestone
Recent picture of Ken Morris
Outcome: Sadly, we have now heard from a relative of Maurice Butler that he is deceased. We would like to thank everyone who helped with the search.

If you can help please send an email to:

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